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Everyone Deserves Justice, Especially a Newly Born Child

The joy of a newly born child is an emotion unlike any other in this world, and a new parent can look forward to seasons of happiness and occasional struggle during their trek through parenthood. Unfortunately, this joyous event is sometimes marred by a birth injury to the child. Many times these injuries result from negligent or irresponsible acts of the doctor or other medical professional that assists during the delivery.

A birth injury can carry serious consequences that result in long-term problems for your child. If you have experienced such a situation, the Richmond personal injury lawyers at the Halperin Law Center want to help. Nothing can completely erase the agony that a birth injury can cause, but we work hard to provide the justice that is owed your child through an extensive knowledge of the law and a compassionate approach to every case we handle.

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How do I Proceed After a Birth Injury?

Birth injuries can vary in their circumstances, as well as the type of injury received. It is important to take note of as many of these circumstances as possible. The more detailed information you have, the stronger a case you can craft when pursuing compensation for your newly born child. Following the delivery, contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

By including a birth injury lawyer early in the process, you have a greater access to a wide knowledge of medical malpractice law. Through this, a comprehensive case can be formed as quickly as possible. This is key to navigating the legal process efficiently and with ease that ends in just reparations for your child. A birth injury can result in staggering medical bills, so receiving compensation early on can be vital in maintaining financial stability.

Types of birth related injuries include:

  • Brain-related injuries
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb's palsy
  • Injuries from delivery

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