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We Protect Your Children at all Costs

The innocence and joy of childhood is a sacred part of life. We all carry fond memories that bring us back to that simpler and purer time of life. Nothing can destroy that purity quicker than physical or emotional abuse in the classroom. And with the advent of the Internet, a school bully's presence can now extend to the home, following your child wherever they "log on."

We here at the Halperin Law Center strongly believe in the importance of protecting children at all costs. Bullying can have lasting psychological, emotional, and even physical effects that follow a child to adulthood and beyond. If your child is being bullied and/or physically assaulted, it's time to nip it in the bud. Our Richmond litigation lawyers provide passionate and sensitive representation that gives your child the protection they deserve and advocate they need during this time.

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Dealing with Bullying? Now Is the Time to Take Action!

Schools are where children learn social skills and how to be an active part of an institution. It is important to ensure the school is fostering those two elements in a healthy manner. Unfortunately, the classroom can be a cruel place for some children. Whether they have a disability or are simply new to school, it is important to stop the bullying as quickly as possible.

Failure to do so can result in long-term emotional, and even physical, harm to any child. Halperin Law Center in Richmond passionately advocates on your child's behalf. We don't stand for bullying of any kind, and neither should anyone else.

Many children are bullied because of:

  • A mental disability
  • A physical disability
  • Differences in culture
  • Ethnicity

If your child is being bullied and other courses of action have proven ineffective, Halperin Law Center will provide you with strong legal representation that keeps your child safe.

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