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Victims of Police Misconduct & Negligence in Jail

Halperin Law Center is here to represent those who have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries while held in jail or a correctional facility. Inmates are not given the liberty of going to a doctor when they need one. Moreover, they can’t choose their doctors or health care providers while incarcerated. This often leads to lack of necessary care and/or medical negligence, lack of care, leading to serious and permanent injury or death.

Because this is becoming such a widespread issue in jails throughout Virginia, our injury lawyers at Halperin Law Center are here to seek justice. We can get started by reviewing you or your loved one’s case to find the next course of action.

Call our seasoned legal team today at 804-527-0100. We have a proven track record of success with the largest jail civil rights and medical negligence settlement in the history of Virginia. See more here.

Advocates for the Neglected & Abused

Although someone has committed a crime and is incarcerated, it does not mean that they are not entitled to compassion and humanity. The problem is that inmates are not allowed to choose if and when they receive health care. Many reasons could exist as to why inmates receive sub-standard medical care.

Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Unsanitary conditions in the facility may lead to life-threatening infection or disease
  • The correctional provider tries to save money by limiting necessary offsite hospital visits
  • The facility may not have the resources to provide adequate care
  • Inmates needing emergent medical care are forced to wait for a sick call
  • Inmates become injured due to police or correctional officer misconduct
  • Wrong medications are administered or necessary medications are withheld
  • Unqualified health care providers such as LPNs provide unsupervised care
  • Poor medical care is provided by the facility leading to permanent disability or death

Jails, prison, and other government-run facilities are often given a large degree of protection under the law, making it difficult to file a lawsuit or take another form of legal action. If a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury or died due to neglect, you may not be given the full story about what led to the incident. You deserve to know the truth. We can help you find the resolution you need, which we hope can offer some peace of mind.

Put 25+ Years of Experience on Your Side

Halperin Law Center and our Richmond personal injury attorneys have more than 25 years of legal experience. We know full well that a case involving prison and jail injuries can be difficult to litigate; rest assured, however, that we are well-equipped to rise to this challenge and protect your legal rights. We are a top-rated legal team with a tremendous history in obtaining successful case results, particularly for complex and high-profile cases.