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Chesterfield Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you been hurt in a slip-and-fall, auto wreck, dog attack, or other type of accident? Talk to a Chesterfield personal injury attorney from Halperin Law Center to learn whether you can file an injury claim against the party who harmed you.

If you could imagine the worst possible things that could happen to you, being seriously injured is probably high on the list. That’s due to the fact that injuries could be life altering, and you probably liked your life just fine the way it was.

Injuries can wreak irrevocable havoc on your health and future. The person who caused your injury could be made to pay for what they’ve done. Talk to a Chesterfield personal injury lawyer about filing an injury claim.

How Long Do You Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Chesterfield, VA

The law in Virginia only allows accident victims to file a claim within two years of the accident date. This time frame passes quickly, and there are other reasons to talk to a Chesterfield injury attorney sooner rather than later. Evidence is easiest to find and document immediately following an accident.

How Do You Know if You Have a Claim?

There are a few factors that must be present for you to file an injury claim against someone. You can’t have caused the accident. The other person must have caused you injury because of negligent or wrongful behavior. You must have suffered injuries and damages in the accident.

Types of Chesterfield Personal Injury Cases

Many people have no idea what type of case they have when they’ve been injured. You just know that someone has hurt you and that you’re suffering because of it. Most personal injury cases have specific laws that relate to them. These laws are usually based on what type of accident you were hurt in.

For instance, if you are hurt in a nursing home, you might have a nursing home abuse case. If you are injured in a vehicle crash, you probably have a car accident case.

Here are a few more examples of personal injury case types in Virginia:

Injury Settlement vs. Injury Lawsuit

There are two main ways to recover financial compensation for a personal injury accident in Chesterfield.

One, you can file an insurance claim with the at-fault person’s insurance company. For example, if you’re injured in an auto wreck, you could submit a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer. Two, you could take your injury case to court by filing a lawsuit.

If you file a claim, you could receive a settlement to pay for your damages. If you go to court, you could be awarded damages by a judge or jury.

Either way, your Chesterfield injury attorney at our firm can assist you with pursuing the financial compensation you’re after.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Chesterfield, VA

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