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Truck Driver Fatigue Accidents in Richmond, VA

In 2005, at least 11 million people said they were involved in an accident because they were too tired to drive or dozed off at the wheel. Driver inattention continues to be the leading cause of vehicle collisions in the United States. However, it’s hard to account for driver fatigue when creating safety laws. While states can ban cell phone use and criminalize drunk driving, not much can be done to regulate how sleepy an individual is when he or she gets behind the wheel.

Drowsy Truck Drivers

Drowsy driving is even more dangerous when large commercial trucks are involved. In 2014, 3,744 large trucks were involved in crashes, killing a total of 3,903 people. Impairment, such as fatigue, was the third leading cause of large-truck accidents where the driver was the responsible party in the crash. Because most commercial vehicles can weigh anywhere from 10,000 to 80,000 pounds, a collision involving one can be catastrophic.

Large-truck drivers also tend to work long hours and sometimes during the time most people would be sleeping. While states have passed regulations that restrict the amount of time a truck driver can go without a break, some companies still push their drivers to the limit in order to save money. This disregard for truck driver safety endangers the rest of the people on the road and any bystanders that may be nearby during a truck accident.

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