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Glen Allen Wrongful Death Lawyer

Losing a loved one because of another person’s carelessness is the worst experience imaginable. Get justice by winning a wrongful death case against the person responsible, with help from a Glen Allen fatal accident attorney from our firm.

Sometimes tragic accidents just happen and no one is really to blame. Natural disasters are a good example. Sometimes, though, accidents can be prevented if everyone took the time to think about others’ safety. When someone caused your family member’s death because they were negligent, you can hold them accountable.

Sometimes a person can be held criminally liable for the death of another individual, but sometimes your only outlet for justice is through a civil claim. It’s time to take action against the person that caused your family member’s death. Get assistance with your claim by partnering with a Glen Allen wrongful death lawyer at Halperin Law Center.

Why File a Wrongful Death Case?

Filing and winning a wrongful death claim can serve several purposes: hold the negligent party accountable; get justice for your loved one; prevent others from being hurt as well; receive monetary compensation for your family’s losses.

When a person dies, it’s usually the family of the deceased that suffers. That’s why they are permitted to file a claim for wrongful death. Those who qualify to file a wrongful death case in Glen Allen, Virginia are: spouse, children, siblings, parents, grandchildren, and anyone who would stand to inherit from the deceased person’s estate.

Types of Fatal Accidents in Glen Allen

There are many ways that a person can be killed, and your Glen Allen wrongful death attorney will work diligently to find the cause of death, and go after the at-fault party for damages. Depending on your case, the cause could be fairly obvious. In some cases, though, determining the cause, and who is liable, is challenging.

The following are some common causes of death due to negligence:

Damages for the Wrongful Death of a Family Member

One of the goals when filing an injury claim is compensating the family members for the losses they’ve sustained because of the death. This is not “profiting” from a loved one’s death, rather, it’s paying out compensation for the monetary and emotional losses you’ve faced.

A settlement can pay for many things, which the family of the deceased need and deserve. For instance, your settlement can provide for funeral and burial costs, as well as medical expenses that were incurred because of life-saving efforts.

Some other damages your Glen Allen fatal accident lawyer can add to your claim are: pain and suffering, grief and anguish, loss of consortium, and lost income.

Call a Glen Allen Fatal Accident Lawyer for Help with Your Case

The death of a loved on is traumatic, and you and your family deserve justice when the death was caused by someone else’s negligence.

Improve your fatal accident claim’s chances of success by partnering with a Glen Allen wrongful death lawyer. Receive a free case review by calling Halperin Law Center 804-527-0100, or sending in the online case review form down below.