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Harrisonburg Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Hurt on a motorcycle? Seek help from a Harrisonburg motorcycle accident attorney, who can help you seek compensation from the at-fault party. 

Your motorcycle may be one of your favorite ways to enjoy a little fresh air. You have a freedom on the road that a car simply can’t provide. But that doesn’t mean a motorcycle can provide the same level of protection drivers have in car accidents.

Your joyride turned tragic in an instant. Now, you’re seriously injured, and you need help from a top-rated Harrisonburg motorcycle accident lawyer. The attorneys at Halperin Law Center are here to help you recover from your injuries. 

Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents 

When you’re hurt in a motorcycle accident, your personal suffering is likely devastating. In many cases, our clients have suffered severe physical damage and more than their vehicle. Motorcycles don’t provide much protection, meaning an accident can leave lasting injuries. 

Our lawyers have the tools you need to seek funds for your medical care, no matter how severe your injuries are. We understand how much a personal injury can impact our clients, and we’re ready to get involved with your recovery. We have the resources you need to determine what happened and who is liable.

Here’s a sample of the injuries you may have suffered because of your motorcycle accident: 

  • Traumatic brain injury 
  • Spinal cord injury 
  • Whiplash
  • Burns 
  • Broken bones

Dealing with Insurers After an Accident 

When you’re injured in a Harrisonburg motorcycle accident, your first option for recovery is to contact the insurance company. Virginia is a fault state, which means the at-fault party is liable for the costs, but your insurance company may be your first option. The company may offer a settlement before seeking compensation from the at-fault party. 

But that doesn’t mean the insurance company is on your side. These companies are still for-profit businesses, which means yours may put its profits before your health and recovery. Motorcycle accidents are costly, so they may try to avoid paying. Your motorcycle accident lawyer in Harrisonburg will help you determine how much your claim is worth and work doggedly to pursue the compensation you’re owed.

Compensation for Harrisonburg Motorcycle Accident Victims 

Calculating the value of your claim after a motorcycle accident can be tough because of the complexities that are often involved in each individual case. You may have suffered several forms of loss from physical to financial and including emotional because of the motorcycle accident. So how do you know what your claim is worth? 

Typically, you may be eligible for economic and non-economic compensation, or damages. Your economic damages may include all financial losses you’ve suffered, such as costs incurred like medical bills, repair bills, and loss of income. These damages should be added up and included in your claim for compensation. 

Non-economic damages may be more complicated. These damages are intangible, meaning your emotional trauma doesn’t have a set dollar amount. You may need to speak with your Harrisonburg motorcycle crash lawyer about the severity of your mental suffering. 

Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer? 

When you’re hurt because of someone’s negligence, you may be concerned about your rights to monetary aid and your ability to get those funds. You may be concerned about the laws impacting your case, or you may be worried about your rights to recover funds for your injuries. 

Your motorcycle accident lawyer can help. Our lawyers have the experience you need to protect injury victims and their monetary needs. We can help people injured in these accidents to investigate liability, get evidence to support their clients’ claim, and represent them in court when settlement negotiations fail. Our experience and understanding of state law has helped people like you make a full financial recovery, and we want to help you get those same results. 

Virginia Motorcycle Law Can Impact Your Claim

Getting compensated for your Harrisonburg motorcycle accident isn’t always easy. The insurance company may try to protect its interests, and the at-fault party may try to shift the blame onto you. For example, they may claim, if you weren’t wearing a helmet, that you were partly to blame for your injuries. Your compensation may be reduced in these cases.

You can even lose your compensation completely. Motorcyclists in Virginia generally only have two years to file a claim. If you don’t act in time, your claim may be dismissed altogether. 

Talk to a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Harrisonburg

A motorcycle accident can impact your personal and professional life. It can destroy your vehicle, ruin your health, and affect the quality of your future. But state laws can make it difficult to recover. That’s especially true if you don’t have the resources to pursue a claim. 

Hurt in a motorcycle accident? Your Harrisonburg motorcycle accident lawyer will fight for justice in your name when you need it the most. We at Halperin Law Center offer free consultations, so you know what you can expect each step of the way. Reach out by calling 804-527-0100 or by filling out the online contact form below.