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Hopewell Car Accident Lawyer

When you’ve been injured in a car crash you didn’t cause, you have the option to file a car crash case against the person who did. Work with a Hopewell vehicle crash attorney from Halperin Law Center to give your case the best chance of reaching a successful conclusion.

No one wants to be in a car accident, but most people will be in an accident at some point in their lives. Even though you probably have tried to avoid a car wreck, if you’ve now been in one, you may need some help filing a car crash claim. Auto claims are important, because that’s how you will recover your financial and other losses.

Auto insurance was created to protect drivers from liability when they cause a vehicle collision. When you weren’t the person who caused the crash, you can submit your claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. A Hopewell car accident lawyer can help you to file your claim, calculate your damages, and communicate with the insurance company.

Important Laws That Affect Your Hopewell Auto Injury Case

Most people who’ve just been injured in an auto wreck don’t know the laws that pertain to vehicle crashes. There are many that can affect your Virginia claim, so it’s important you learn what they are.

  • The law of negligence refers to a person’s legal responsibility to pay you compensation when they’ve caused you injury.
  • The statute of limitations is a law that states how long you have to file an auto injury claim. In Virginia, you have only two years to submit your car accident claim against the at-fault party.
  • Finally, the law of contributory fault means that no one can file a claim seeking damages in Virginia if they were responsible for causing the crash.

Don’t worry if these laws seem complicated, because your Hopewell auto collision lawyer knows all about them.

Insurance Companies and Obtaining the Settlement You Deserve

After your auto wreck, you will need to submit your injury claim against the person responsible for the crash. It could be another driver who was responsible, or it could be another person entirely. For instance, mechanics, auto manufacturers, the government, or other negligent parties could be liable for your auto wreck.

Your Hopewell vehicle collision attorney will work with the at-fault party’s insurer to see that you receive the settlement owed to you for what you’ve been through.

Reach Out to an Automobile Collision Attorney in Hopewell, VA

The damages sustained in an auto wreck can destroy a person’s life. Your financial stability can be affected, as can your enjoyment of life. No one can turn back time and prevent the crash from happening, but you can receive enough money to turn your attention to the future. Make the decision to file a claim in Hopewell against the person who harmed you.

Call a Hopewell car accident lawyer today to get started on your auto wreck claim. Halperin Law Center can be reached by dialing 804-527-0100. You can also complete the web submission form at the bottom of this page to get ahold of an attorney at our firm.