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Michael Brown Death Anniversary: 12 Unarmed Black Men Have Been Shot And Killed By Police In 2018

Software Helps Assemble Social Media Posts From a Specific Event or Point in Time

The View From Up North: New Legal App Trolls Social Media For Evidence

Virginia Wesleyan College Demands Sexual History of Alleged Rape Victim

In Lawsuit, College Demands Alleged Rape Victim List Every Sex Partner

Virginia Wesleyan College Demands Rape Victim’s Entire Sexual History

$350,000 Paid to Settle 2013 Jail Heat Stroke Death Case

City to Pay Former Inmate $2.99M

$3M Plus to Former Inmate

Settlement Reached in Fatal Crash in Gambrills

‘Neanderthal’ College Demands Rape Victim Provide her Entire Sexual History to Prove She Wasn’t a Virgin

Virginia Wesleyan College Demands Sexual History of Student Rape Victim. Don’t Get Outraged Just Yet…

A College Wants an Alleged Rape Victim to Reveal Her Entire Sexual History

Rape Victim Re-Victimized? College Demands List Of Every Sex Partner From Rape Victim

Virginia Wesleyan College Rape Victim Forced to Disclose Entire Sexual History

Virginia Wesleyan College requested rape victim list the names of EVERY sexual partner she has had as part of $10M lawsuit

Another Sad Reason to be Skeptical of Brutal Campus Sexual Assault Allegations

Another sad reason to be skeptical of brutal campus sexual assault allegations

On Your Side: Big Payday for Former Inmate

College Rapists Should Not be Able to Transfer Schools to Skip Consequences

Virginia Wesleyan: No Duty to Protect Students From Rape

Virginia Wesleyan College Admittedly Helped Sexual Assailant Transfer Schools

College: Protecting Students From Rape Is Not Our Responsibility

Virginia Wesleyan College Changed a Student’s Sexual Assailant’s Expulsion to a ‘Voluntary Withdrawal’

Virginia Wesleyan College Responds to Rape Lawsuit: The Plaintiff “Exercised Poor Judgment”

Virginia Wesleyan College Admits It Helped Accused Rapist, But Wants Him To Pay Damages

Student Sues College After Brutal Rape

Virginia Wesleyan College Helped Accused Rapist By Erasing Expulsion From His Record

Data backs claims of sex assaults at Virginia Wesleyan College

Virginia Wesleyan College student files assault lawsuit

Student sues college after brutal rape

Multi-million dollar lawsuit accuses Virginia Wesleyan lacrosse player of rape

Victim’s Family Outraged that Driver Fined $500 in Fatal Gambrills Crash