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New Kent Truck Accident Lawyer

When a negligent trucker has caused you to be injured, you have every right to hold them to account. Partner up with a New Kent big rig crash attorney from Halperin Law Center to see that your claim is a success.

New Kent plays host to vehicles of all shapes and sizes, but 18-wheelers are the largest and most dangerous vehicles on the road. Most truck drivers are responsible and take the operation of their rigs seriously, but some can be negligent and cause injury collisions. When you’ve been involved in a collision with a semi, it’s likely that you will suffer some effects from the vehicle accident.

Getting you the damages owed for a tractor-trailer collision not of your making is your lawyer’s top priority. You will likely be struggling with injuries, medical debt, lost income, and physical pain all caused by this accident. To get started on your claim to cover these damages, get in touch with a top-rated New Kent truck accident lawyer today.

Common Reasons for Semi-Truck Collisions in New Kent

After you’ve been impacted by a big rig, you will probably want to blame the trucker for your accident and injuries. In some cases, the trucker will be the one to blame, but in other cases, another party could have caused the crash.

For example, if the truck driver experienced a tire blowout that caused them to lose control of the semi, it could be a repair shop, the government, or a tire manufacturer that is to blame for the crash.

No matter who was responsible for causing your tractor-trailer crash, your New Kent truck collision attorney will work to hold them liable. Below, here are some frequent causes of commercial trucking collisions.

Getting the Insurer to Pay Up for Your New Kent Big Rig Wreck

Once your New Kent semi-truck wreck lawyer figures out who was to blame for your accident, they will then submit your claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Negotiating fair compensation from the insurance company is difficult, but your lawyer will be up to the task.

Some of the damages you might be owed for your crash are listed below.

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income and lost earning capability
  • Mental and emotional distress
  • Costs of physical therapy and other treatment
  • Medical costs
  • Permanent injury
  • Loss of your quality of life

Work with a Commercial Trucking Collision Attorney in New Kent, VA

If you find yourself injured and facing substantial losses following a semi-truck crash, you will be looking for a settlement from those responsible. Filing a New Kent injury claim against a trucker or trucking company can be challenging. The insurance company will likely try to fight your claim to reduce the payout they must make to you.

Secure the services of a top-rated New Kent truck accident lawyer from our firm. Your attorney will investigate your semi-truck crash, collect evidence that proves your case, and handle insurers on your behalf. Receive a free case assessment when you connect with Halperin Law Center through the form below. You can also reach us by dialing 804-527-0100.