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Richmond Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury claims involve an injury or injuries occurring because of someone else’s negligence. Personal injury claims encompass a wide variety of accidents and causes, not just motor vehicle collisions.  Whatever the cause of the accident, coping with the stress of mounting medical bills, time lost from work, legal concerns, medical appointments and enduring pain and suffering is often a great burden.  The experienced Richmond personal injury lawyers and their staff at the Halperin Law Center will be your advocates for justice and can guide you through this stressful, trying and confusing time.  We have decades of experience in representing injured victims and their families in Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland and will provide you with aggressive and compassionate representation in personal injury cases stemming from any of the following accidents or harmful events:

If you have suffered a serious personal injury, you will likely have many questions about your rights, responsibilities, the validity of your potential claims, the value of your damages and injuries, etc.  You may find yourself asking first, “Do I have a case?”  The answer to that question will depend on a variety of factors, but in summary, the accident or incident that caused your injuries must be the result of the negligence of another person or company. Determining negligence and how it affects your potential case is not always as easy as it may seem.  For example, Virginia law dictates that if you are at all responsible for the accident or injury, you cannot recover damages. However, you should not necessarily trust the opinion or advice of an insurance company or claims adjuster as to whether or not you are at fault or contributed to the accident, as their goals are not necessarily the same with respect to your case. Contact an experienced attorney who specializes in personal injury or wrongful death law to help you make this determination.

If an attorney believes that you do have a viable claim, often the next question is “How much is my case worth? How much money can I expect to get?”  Though very common and a valid question, this is a difficult question to answer at the beginning of a case. Each and every case is different, involving multiple factors. The amount of compensation you are entitled to depends on factors such as: severity of the injuries and whether they were permanent or disfiguring; the amount of time (and/or pay) lost from work; the amount of your past and future medical bills related to the accident; whether or not surgery was required; and/or the available insurance coverage. An experienced Richmond personal injury lawyer can help you determine the specifics of your claim and estimate its potential value.

Clients often ask how long they have to decide if they need or want to make a claim.  The amount of time you have to make a negligence claim for injuries depends on where the accident happened and the type of claim you are making. In Virginia, it is generally 2 years from the date of the injury. In the District in Columbia, it’s usually 3 years from the date of injury. In Maryland, it’s 3 years. However, there are exceptions, and you should contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury or wrongful death cases in order to determine how long you have to file a claim.

You may consider handling your case on your own, without an attorney.  For some cases, that makes sense.  However, if an insurance company is not treating you fairly, you should consult an experienced attorney specializing in personal injury.  Statistics have shown that those who retain an attorney make a substantially larger recovery from insurance companies than those who do not.  Lawyers who are involved in negotiating with insurance companies every day will know what your case is worth an what you deserve, but you may not. If you have questions about the specifics of your case, we encourage you to contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation. If we are unable to assist you with your case, we can likely refer you to an attorney who can.

Once you have decided to hire an attorney to represent you, the next step is to find the right one for you and your case.  If you are visiting our site, you may be wondering, “Why should I choose the Halperin Law Center?”

With a record of success at trial and in settlement negotiations, we specialize in serious personal injury cases. We are not one of the largest firms in Virginia, nor are we the oldest, but we have many years of experience handling catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases.  Our experienced and aggressive attorneys also have talented staff working alongside them who have worked for defense firms and insurance companies in the past, offering invaluable perspectives. Further, because we are selective about the cases we take on, our clients have direct access to the attorney(s) representing them. In larger firms, you may go through your entire case interacting almost exclusively with staff members rather than your attorney.

We understand that you are not merely bringing us a personal injury “case.” You are trusting us with an important, difficult part of your life at a time when you need help the most. We take that responsibility seriously, and we care about you as a person. Our commitment to you reflects through compassionate, zealous representation.

Additionally, our attorneys are true trial lawyers. Many lawyers, though intelligent and knowledgeable, do not litigate or try cases, or if they do, they have limited experience in the courtroom. Richmond personal injury lawyer Jonathan Halperin alone has over 23 years of experience as a trial lawyer. If your case must proceed to litigation and trial, you can rest assured you have a strong team on your side.

Our personal injury attorneys are licensed to practice law in Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland. Though the firm is based in Glen Allen, Virginia, we have access to satellite office locations to meet with you throughout Central and Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland; including Richmond, Midlothian, Hampton, Norfolk, Stafford, Alexandria and Arlington in Virginia; Baltimore, Annapolis, Bethesda and Silver Spring in Maryland and multiple locations in downtown Washington, D.C. We will also come to you if your injuries prevent your ability to travel.  If you decide that your personal injury case warrants representation by an attorney, contact the Halperin Law Center at 804-527-0100 or for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.