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Petersburg Wrongful Death Lawyer

When a loved one is killed in a fatal accident, they and the people who loved them deserve justice. Contact a top-rated Petersburg wrongful death attorney at Halperin Law Center to get started on your claim.

Not much is worse than losing a loved one in a preventable accident. You are likely angry over the loss and waste, all due to another person’s negligence and carelessness. When someone has taken away a beloved family member, you should demand justice and compensation for what they’ve done.

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the party responsible for your loved one’s death is important. You will be working toward justice and working to prevent others from being killed in a similar manner, and you’ll be obtaining monetary compensation to pay for the expenses you and your family have been forced to deal with.

Make sure the person responsible for the accident that killed your loved one is held to account. Contact a Petersburg wrongful death lawyer to get legal help with your case. You have only two years in which to submit your case, so don’t delay.

Types of Fatal Accidents in Petersburg, Virginia

Unfortunately, there are many ways a person can be killed in an accident. In some instances, people can’t file a claim or lawsuit against another party. You can only be awarded damages for your loved one’s death if you can show that negligence was involved.

The type of accident your loved one died in will also matter to the case. Different laws do address different types of accidents. For instance, negligence is examined differently in a dog attack case vs. a vehicle collision. The following are some of the most common types of fatal accidents in Virginia.

How Can a Petersburg Fatal Accident Attorney Help You?

Your Petersburg wrongful death attorney will work to secure the damages you and your family deserve. Winning your claim could also mean changes that will protect against this type of incident harming someone else.

Obtaining monetary compensation is important in reimbursing you for all the expenses you’ve been forced to amass because of your loved one’s death.

Here are some of the damages a wrongful death claim can compensate you for:

  • Pain and suffering of the deceased before they died
  • Lost income
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of consortium
  • Grief and mental trauma
  • Mental health treatment
  • Medical expenses

Get Help from a Petersburg Fatal Accident Lawyer

Your deceased family member can’t be brought back, but you can honor their memory by ensuring the person responsible for their death is brought to account. Filing and winning a wrongful death claim in Petersburg can be challenging, but it will be much easier with legal help.

Your top-rated Petersburg wrongful death lawyer will investigate the accident that killed your family member, find evidence that proves liability, and work to ensure that this situation doesn’t happen to someone else. Receive a free case review when you call Halperin Law Center at 804-527-0100 or when you fill out the form on this webpage.