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Verdicts & Settlements

Commercial Premises Assault Case- $1,000,000.00

In January of 2016, Jonathan Halperin and Andrew Luchetti resolved a wrongful death on a commercial premises due to an assault.

No Left Turn- $950,000.00

Jonathan Halperin reached a settlement on the day of trial on behalf of a driver forced into oncoming traffic when the defendant tried to make an illegal left turn.

Truck Wrongful Death Case- $2,200,000.00

In October of 2015, Jonathan Halperin and Andrew Lucchetti settled a case for the estate of a 60 year-old mother and wife killed by a tractor trailer driver.

Virginia Gunshot Case- $3,000,000.00

In September of 2012, Attorney Jonathan Halperin reached a $3,000,000 settlement against a Virginia commercial property owner for a client who was shot on their premises and suffered gunshot wounds to the abdomen and chest, kidney damage and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Richmond Civil Rights Case- $3,840,000.00

Obtained a record-setting $3,840,000 million civil rights settlement in February of 2015 on behalf of a resident of the Richmond City Jail who suffered a catastrophic heat stroke and permanent, debilitating injuries while serving a 6-month sentence in the Jail's medical unit. This settlement is believed to be the largest civil rights settlement of its kind in the history of Virginia.

Texting While Driving Case- $1,000,000.00

In November of 2014, Attorneys Jonathan Halperin and Andrew Lucchetti reached a $1,000,000 settlement in the death of a young Virginia father, killed in Maryland on his motorcycle by an 18 year old girl who was texting while driving. A claim was also brought against the negligent driver’s mother, who owned the vehicle and was texting with her daughter while expressly aware her daughter was driving. The settlement proceeds will benefit the victim’s 4 year old daughter.

Drowning Death Case- $1,250,000.00

The Plaintiffs’ son was a guest at a pool party thrown by the childcare provider. Plaintiffs’ lawsuit alleged that the daycare provider was negligent and grossly negligent in the supervision and care of the young boy.

The Plaintiffs filed their lawsuit in May, 2015 and mediated the case in December, 2015 at the request of counsel for the defendants. A successful settlement of $1,250,000.00 was reached at that time.

Personal Injury Case- $800,000.00

In October, 2014, Attorney Jonathan Halperin and Attorney Seth Carroll of the Commonwealth Law Group negotiated a settlement of $800,000 in a case involving a freight handler injured by a truck driver who was improperly attempting to assist in loading a "no touch load." The freight handler suffered multiple herniated discs in his neck.

Multi-Car Accident Case- $1,200,000.00

In September, 2013, Jonathan Halperin obtained a $1.2 million jury verdict in the Circuit Court for Richmond City on behalf of a young woman who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury and orthopaedic injuries in a multi-car rear-end collision. This verdict was the 16th largest in Virginia.

Construction Mistrial Case- $1,350,000.00

In March of 2013, Jonathan Halperin reached a $1,350,000 settlement after a previous mistrial in a commercial construction case where a young man’s hand was severely injured by a piece of construction equipment requiring multiple surgeries and leaving him missing two fingers and a portion of his palm.

Drunk Driver Case- $950,000.00

In February of 2012, Mr. Halperin negotiated a settlement in the amount of $950,000 for four young children who suffered minor injuries when a drunk driver in a company truck, who had a history of DUI arrest, hit an unoccupied vehicle, pushing it into the children playing at a birthday party, and fled the scene.

Truck Driver Case- $800,000.00

In October 2011, Jonathan Halperin reached an $800,000 settlement for a truck driver who suffered permanent and serious back injuries when his truck was pulled over on the side of the road and struck by another tractor-trailer on Route 64 East in Virginia. Our client received a citation for illegal parking in connection with the accident, which was ultimately dismissed. The Plaintiff was previously represented by another attorney, who was told by the defendant’s insurance company that they “would never pay a penny to settle the case.”

Wrongful Death Claim- $975,000.00

Reached a $975,000 settlement in a product liability and wrongful death claim against a foreign bunk bed manufacturer after a 4 year-old child became entrapped in the bed’s side rails and suffocated.

District of Columbia Negligence Case- $5,000,000.00

Obtained a $5 million jury verdict on behalf of a 10-year-old child who suffered a brain injury when he fell from a three-meter diving board that had been negligently maintained by the District of Columbia. This decision was affirmed by the D.C. Court of Appeals.

High-Speed Police Pursuit Case- $6,000,000.00

Obtained a $6 million jury verdict against the District of Columbia as a result of the deaths of an eight year-old boy and his aunt in a high-speed police pursuit. This decision was affirmed by the D.C. Court of Appeals.

Massanutten Ski Resort Case- $6,200,000.00

Obtained a $6.2 million jury verdict against Massanutten, a Virginia ski resort- the largest verdict ever against a ski area at the time. The decision was upheld by the Virginia Supreme Court.

Greyhound Lines Case- $4,200,000.00

Obtained a $4.2 million jury verdict against Greyhound Lines in Federal Court in the District of Columbia on behalf of several military servicemen who were injured when a Greyhound bus rolled over in the “Major Snowstorm of 1996.”


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