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My own need for an attorney centered around the special knowledge -base and skills of an advocate who would willing to represent me in an unusual instance of personal injury inflicted by a government agency, in violation of my constitutional rights and expectations. I made direct phone-and-written contact with many personal injury attorneys, and always with the same result: ‘you need someone with specialized knowledge and skills.’ After approximately 15 demurrals I began asking lawyers, if they were not themselves interested in my complaint, to please recommend an experienced representative whom they would be willing to select for themselves. Surprisingly, I got several such recommendations. More surprisingly, only one name was referred to me more than once — three times, actually — that of Jonathan Halperin and his Associates. After contacting Mr Halperin, he invited me to his office where I met with him and two of his lawyers. I was impressed with the directness of communications between us. I continue to be impressed with the Halperin firm’s tenacity, and with the effectiveness of their investigative personnel in uncovering evidence favorable to my cause, and which I had no idea existed! I have no reservations about recommending Mr. Halperin and his skilled staff. I”m very happy!

David Beschauer

After searching around for an Attorney Personal Injury I received an appointment within a week and they took my case. I felt very comfortable and welcome. I would recommend Halperin Law Center to anyone.

C Tinsley

Great communication, keeps you informed every step of the way and genuinely seems concerned with your wellbeing. Highly recommended!

Bro Joy

This is a great law firm. If you are seriously injured Jonathan Halperin and The Halperin Law Center can help you!

Brian Dunn

My great appreciation to the quality of legal service that Halperin Law Center provided to me. For the last 15 years I reached Mr. Halperin for legal help and representation 3 times. At the end all engagements were straight win for my family. Mr. Halperin has unique combination of being friendly, easy to communicate with and at the same time following all formal rules of the law practice. Halperin Law Center is the hub of the legal experts. They do carry years of progressive professional experience, hands-on dealing with many different legal situations of their clients.

When a time in life comes when you need to be protected or justice needs to be restored then you need the power and strength on your side. In America knowing a great lawyer, doctor, plummer, auto mechanic will bring you the peace of mind and confidence.
I know Mr. Halperin for many years and it makes me feel safe and ready for unexpected.

Thank you,
Roman Sevastianov

Roman Sevastianov

Wonderful Attorneys. One of a kind, best attorneys I have come across in my life.