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How Do Car Accident Court Proceedings Go?

Car crashes can lead to a lot of suffering and losses for the accident victims. You may be dealing with serious injuries, physical pain, mental and emotional distress, and financial expenses brought about by the auto accident.

If you’re considering going after the person who caused your crash so you can receive a settlement for what you’ve been through, you might be wondering, “How do car accident court proceedings go?”

Luckily, most car crash claims won’t need to go to court. However, you may still want to be prepared if that situation should ever arise. Here is what to expect if your car crash case goes to court.

What to Expect When a Car Accident Case Goes to Court

When your car crash case goes to court, you can expect the proceedings to follow the standard for other types of court cases.

  • First, the jury selection will begin. This is where both sides of the case get to choose the jury members.
  • Second, the trial begins with opening statements. This is where your lawyer will present arguments as to what happened during your car accident and who was to blame for it. The other side will likely try to blame you.
  • Third, evidence is presented to back up your case. Witnesses can testify, photos can be presented, and other evidence will be used to prove your case. Those on the other side will have evidence of their own.
  • Fourth, closing arguments will be made. This is a summary of how the evidence shows that you weren’t responsible for causing the crash. Arguments will be made for your right to compensation.
  • Fifth, the jury will deliberate and decide whether you’re owed compensation for the accident or not.

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