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I Got Hit by a Car on My Bike in Richmond—Can I Sue?

Bike accidents can happen in Richmond even when you’re a safe bike rider. You might obey the rules of the road, always wear your helmet, and watch out for dangerous drivers. Regrettably, you can’t watch out for every dangerous driver out there. You could be injured in a bike collision in Richmond through no fault of your own.

You might be wondering: If I got hit by a car on my bike in Richmond, can I sue?

Common Causes of Richmond Bike Accidents

No matter how much you try to avoid an accident, you could be injured due to other people’s carelessness. For instance, a drunk driver could smash into you at an intersection after completely failing to stop at a red light. You could be severely injured when a distracted driver sideswipes you.

A number of human errors can cause a bike accident. Here are a few more examples:

  • Dangerous road conditions
  • Poorly designed intersections
  • Poor vehicle maintenance or defective auto parts
  • Defective bike parts
  • Drowsy driving

Suing for a Bike Accident in Richmond

You can sue for a bike accident if you can prove the fault of the person who hurt you. For instance, if you have evidence that a drunk driver struck you and caused your injuries, you could receive a settlement for your injuries through a personal injury claim.

You could be compensated for lost wages, medical bills, lost life enjoyment, mental suffering, and more.

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