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Richmond Auto Injury Lawyer

Auto accidents frequently lead to injuries for victims. Those injuries can upset lives. Call an auto injury lawyer in Richmond at Halperin Law Center to get started on your auto injury claim.

You try to avoid car accidents, but you can still be hurt. No matter how hard you try to be safe while driving, other people’s actions can affect you. A reckless driver could collide with your vehicle in Richmond. You could be seriously hurt. When you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, you may have options for obtaining justice and financial compensation.

Filing an auto injury claim is what you do to get civil justice. You submit your claim against the party responsible for causing your car accident. That party’s insurance company could be required to pay for your injuries, suffering, and damages. To learn more about the auto injury claim process, reach out to a Richmond auto injury lawyer.

Who Is Responsible for Your Auto Injury in Richmond?

Accidents happen so quickly that it can be difficult to figure out what went wrong. You have to figure it out because knowing what happened tells you who was at fault. For instance, if you learn that a defective auto part caused your Richmond auto accident, you will know that a manufacturer is likely responsible for the accident.

Your auto injury lawyer at our firm can help you figure out what caused your accident so you can go after the people responsible. The personal injury claim process requires that you investigate your accident, gather evidence, and put a claim together. You must calculate your damages so you can demand an insurance company pay for them.

Here are some of the parties that are often liable for auto accidents in Richmond.

Winning a Settlement After a Richmond Auto Injury

Auto accidents in Richmond usually cause extensive losses for the victims. For example, you are probably not working right now due to your injuries, which means you have no money coming in. You could be staring at a stack of medical bills on your desk wondering who will pay them.

Your settlement could account for all of the losses you suffered. Your injury lawyer in Richmond will work to see you get fair compensation for what happened to you. Common damages caused by Richmond auto accidents:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental trauma
  • Medical bills
  • Lost life enjoyment
  • Permanent injury
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Property damage

Talk to a Top-Rated Auto Injury Lawyer in Richmond, VA

Auto injuries can be devastating, and they can change your life forever. The party that caused your Richmond auto accident should be held accountable through the injury claim process.

Get in touch with a Richmond auto injury lawyer to discuss your accident and goals. Halperin Law Center can be reached through the internet form below or when you call 804-527-0100 to claim your free case review.