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What Should I Tell the Insurance Company About My Car Accident?

Being in a car accident is frightening, but dealing with what comes after can also be an ordeal. You might be dealing with a damaged vehicle or physical injuries that have turned your life upside down. In addition, you could be trying to handle stress, anxiety, and mental trauma.

Not enough for you? Need another ball to juggle? Let’s toss in the need to deal with a car insurance company that’s not really on your side. Many people are struggling with this question: What should I tell the insurance company about my car accident? This is tough to answer because it really depends on your situation.

Your Insurance Company vs. the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

When dealing with insurers, it can be difficult to know what to say. You might not fully understand what caused your accident, and yet the insurer is pressing you for details and asking you to sign an admission of fault. Not cool.

If you were at fault for your car crash, you can probably handle talking to your own insurance company on your own. That’s because you probably have a contract your insurer that requires payment of your property damage regardless of fault.

However, an insurance company for the other driver doesn’t have to pay you anything unless you can prove that you weren’t to blame for the accident. The adjuster will try to get you to admit to fault, because if you do, even accidentally, you might not be able to bring an auto injury claim.

They may start out by asking for basic facts, such as the time and date of the accident. But, they will slowly diverge into more detailed questions to coax an inadvertent admission of guilt. Here is what you say when an insurance company calls you: “Talk to my lawyer.”

Joking. Not joking. Life is easier if you have your lawyer handle the insurance communications for you. Although it’s not required to have a lawyer to file an injury claim, it’s a good idea to partner with one when you’ve been hurt in an accident you didn’t cause.

Reach Out to a Top-Rated Car Crash Lawyer

Back to your question: What should I tell the insurance company about my car accident? If it’s your own insurance company, you can probably get away with answering their questions without having to worry that they will twist your words or try to take advantage of you.

Even with your own insurance company though, you might consider having a lawyer examine your case just to ensure your rights are being protected and that you’re getting everything owed as per your insurance policy agreement.

However, when dealing with another driver’s insurance company, you should definitely consider working with a lawyer. Halperin Law Center has an auto injury lawyer who can answer further questions during a free case evaluation. Call 804-527-0100 or complete the internet form on this web page.