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What to Ask for in a Richmond Car Accident Settlement

The aftermath of a car wreck can be nearly as distressing as the car wreck itself. There is so much to do, and it can all be overwhelming. It’s probably tempting to bury your head under your pillow and ignore the work to be done. But you have to face the aftermath, because you need to receive a car crash settlement for an auto wreck caused by another’s negligence.

What you might not know is you don’t have to do this alone. An attorney can help you. They can help you file an auto wreck claim, and they can help you figure out how much to ask for in a Richmond car accident settlement.

How Damages Are Calculated

Before you can learn how much you’ll gain in a settlement you must first figure out how much you lost in the accident. Your accident cost you in financial, physical, emotional, and mental ways. You can receive payment for all of your losses, but how do you calculate them?

Financial losses are easy enough to calculate; it requires some simple math. Add up all of your financial losses to come up with the amount of money you’re owed for a car crash settlement. Don’t forget to estimate future financial losses, such as lost income, medical bills, and the cost of replacing or repairing your vehicle.

You will also need to place a value on your non-financial losses, such as pain and suffering. This isn’t easy to do, but it’s necessary. You should be compensated for how you’ve suffered. To learn more about the valuation of non-financial losses, get in touch with a lawyer from our injury law firm.

Reach Out to a Richmond Auto Wreck Attorney

Now you should have a sense of what to ask for in a Richmond car accident settlement. Calculating damages can get complicated quickly, so it’s helpful to have a legal professional experienced in handling car crash insurance claims on your team. Call Halperin Law Center at 804-527-0100 to receive a free case review. You also have the option to fill out the internet form below.