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When to Get an Attorney for a Car Accident

You aren’t in a car crash every day, so when it happens to you, it’s very likely that you won’t know how to handle the aftermath. Sure, if it’s a minor fender bender you’re involved in, you probably know that you ought to call your insurance company, but how do you know when to get an attorney for a car accident?

When Your Damages Are Adding Up

Typically, you want to get an attorney when you are looking at damages that your own insurance company isn’t going to cover. When you were not responsible for a vehicle wreck, then you shouldn’t have to pay for any of the related costs.

Moderate-to-serious car accidents will often have large medical expenses; you may need to take time off work to recover, and you’ll probably be in a lot of physical pain. You can be compensated for all of these damages, and an attorney can help you get the compensation you need.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Your attorney will help you win a settlement by going through all the steps in the personal injury claims process.

First, your attorney will investigate and prove you have a car crash claim. Second, your lawyer will put together a convincing case. Third, together you’ll file the claim with the insurance company. Fourth, your lawyer will negotiate a fair settlement from the insurance company. Finally, should the insurance company fail to pay you fairly, your lawyer will take your case to court.

Get in Touch with a Car Crash Lawyer

Now you know when to get an attorney for a car accident: when your damages exceed the amount your insurance company is going to pay.

In addition, an attorney can even help you deal with your own insurance company if they aren’t treating you fairly. You need to receive payment for all your losses, such as medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering, rehabilitation, and more.

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