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Who Is At Fault for My Car Accident in Richmond?

Auto wreck injuries can be serious, and you could be left dealing with a lot of negative issues following your crash. You could be struggling to pay your medical bills, and you could be missing out on work income, as just two examples.

The person who caused your car wreck could be made to pay for the accident. But first, you will have to answer this question: Who is at fault for my car accident in Richmond?

Finding Out Who Was At Fault

You’re trying to piece together what caused your crash, but right now you aren’t sure. Maybe you think a reckless driver caused your accident, but how do you prove it? In order to figure out what happened, you will have to investigate your accident.

Police officers sometimes investigate car accidents when they arrive on the scene. You could use a police report to help you understand what caused your crash and who is to blame.

If the police aren’t being as helpful as you’d like, you might have to gather evidence on your own to find out what caused your crash and to find out who is liable. You could interview witnesses, find video footage of the crash, or take photos of the accident scene.

Ultimately, you must figure out what happened to cause your crash so you can go after the person responsible.

Damages for a Richmond Auto Wreck Claim

Now you have enough evidence to prove your case. But how do you get a settlement? Provide the insurance company with evidence of your damages.

Possible damages for a car crash in Richmond include these and more:

  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring/disfigurement
  • Lost life happiness
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Property damage

Connect with a Top-Rated Richmond Auto Injury Attorney

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