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How to Calculate a Richmond Car Accident Settlement

If you’ve been injured in a car crash in Richmond, Virginia, you are probably going to need to file a car accident claim to recoup your losses. When another party was responsible for the crash that injured you, then you can hold that person accountable for your damages.

One of the first things you’ll be trying to figure out is how to calculate a Richmond car accident settlement. You will need to figure out what your losses are in order to determine how much money you’re owed in a settlement.

Adding Up Your Damages

The basic concept of a settlement is fairly simple: The insurance company that insures the at-fault party will pay you a designated amount of money equivalent to the financial and nonfinancial losses you’ve sustained.

Financial losses are all the ways this accident has affected you financially, such as costs of emergency medical treatment, other medical bills, property damage, costs of physical therapy treatment, transportation expenses, and much more. You will simply add up all these costs to determine how much you’re owed.

Note: Don’t forget to include future financial losses, such as medical bills you haven’t had to pay yet.

Nonfinancial losses are a little more difficult to calculate. You will have to figure out what fair payment is for these losses. Every Richmond car crash case is different, and everyone’s suffering is different.

A vehicle crash attorney can help you to come up with a fair amount of money that will compensate you for your mental, physical, and emotional suffering.

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Now you know the gist of how to calculate a Richmond car accident settlement. Obtain legal help with your car wreck claim so that you don’t get shortchanged on a settlement that is rightfully yours. Claim your free case assessment by reaching out to Halperin Law Center. Call 804-527-0100, or complete the case assessment form down below.