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Richmond Civil Rights Lawyer

Do you believe you’ve been wronged and your rights have been violated? Discuss your case with a Richmond civil rights violation attorney with the Halperin Law Center.

All Virginia and United States citizens have certain rights. These are called civil rights, and if those rights have been violated, you may eligible to file a claim against the violator for the harm the person or organization has caused in your life. Civil rights cases are complicated. Understanding which of your rights is protected is difficult, and proving your case can be even more complicated. That’s why it’s helpful discuss your civil rights case with a Richmond civil rights lawyer from our firm. We’ll help you understand your options and choose the best path forward. You deserve justice if your civil rights were violated. With a qualified and experienced lawyer on your side, you can get justice for the harm that was done to you.

How Can Your Civil Rights Be Violated?

Police allegedly violated protesters’ rights at the Lee monument on June 1, 2020. If you were affected, you might have a right to compensation. Learn more about the Lee monument protest lawsuit.

There are many different ways in which your civil rights can be violated. For instance, if you apply and interview for a job and you are denied the job because of your race, that would be a civil rights violation. Another example would be if you try to rent an apartment and are denied housing because you’re disabled. Perhaps you believe you were discriminated against because all the paperwork had been approved, but when you went to get the keys, the apartment manager told you that you were no longer eligible for the apartment without giving you a valid reason. The following is a look at some of the types of potential civil rights violations:

  • Misconduct by the government
  • Police brutality and wrongful death
  • Disability discrimination
  • Religion, race, or gender discrimination
  • Jail and prison rights violations
  • Fair housing rights
  • Sexual harassment cases

Damages for Civil Rights Violations in Richmond

There are different types of damages you could request in a civil rights claim, and which types of damages you request will depend entirely upon your type of case. Here are a few of the damages your Richmond civil rights attorney can help you secure compensation for, depending on your circumstances:

Meet with a Richmond Civil Rights Attorney

Your civil rights are important, and when they have been violated, you deserve an outlet to hold those responsible for the violation accountable for their actions. Filing a civil rights claim is within your rights, but proving your case can be difficult. Reach out to an attorney who can help you in your fight against civil rights violations. To speak with a Richmond civil rights lawyer about the specifics of your case, call the Halperin Law Center directly at 804-527-0100. You can also fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page. We offer a free case review so you can talk through all the options available to you.