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Richmond Constitutional Law Violations

All Virginia residents have certain rights afforded to them by the United States Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights. For instance, you have the right to live free from religious persecution, and you have the right of peaceable assembly.

These rights can’t be taken from you without consequences. If your rights are violated, then you can file a civil rights case against the violator(s).

Below, you’ll find some types of Richmond constitutional law violations that can occur, as well as info about how you can file a claim in order to right the wrongs that have been done to you.

Types of Richmond Constructional Rights Violations

There are many different ways that your constitutional rights can be violated—for instance, if police physically assaulted you during an arrest. Below, these are some of the major types of constitution law violations in Richmond and throughout the U.S.:

  • Misconduct by the government
  • Police misconduct or brutality
  • Wrongful death
  • Disability discrimination
  • Jail and prison civil rights violations
  • Fair housing rights
  • Sexual harassment cases

How Do You File a Claim for a Constitutional Law Violation?

The best way to get started on your claim is to connect with a Richmond rights violation attorney, who will help investigate, gather evidence, and prove your case. You can be awarded compensation for what has happened to you, plus you will be preventing others from being wronged the same way you were.

Get in Touch with a Richmond Constitutional Rights Violation Lawyer

Now that you understand a little more about Richmond constitutional law violations, you can be more confident as to whether or not you have a case. If you believe your constitutional rights have been violated, contact a lawyer at Halperin Law Center. You can reach our office by using the form below or by calling 804-527-0100.