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Richmond Law Enforcement Misconduct Lawyer

Have you been hurt because of police brutality or other police misconduct? You may be able to obtain justice and compensation for the violation of your rights. Contact a Richmond law enforcement misconduct attorney at Halperin Law Center today.

There’s no doubt that police officers have difficult jobs, and we need them to police our streets and keep us safe. Though we rely on police officers to put a stop to criminal behavior, that doesn’t mean they get a pass to mistreat or abuse people. The police must be held to high standards of behavior because they’re in a position of power.

Abusing that power is unacceptable, and they shouldn’t be able to get away with it. If the police have harmed you because of misconduct, then you can file a claim seeking damages. Police misconduct cases can be difficult to win, so it’s best to have legal assistance. A Richmond civil rights lawyer with our firm can help.

Who’s Liable for Law Enforcement Misconduct in Richmond?

If police have mistreated or harmed you, then you can file your case against the officer and often against the government as well. Here’s a look at who could be liable in a case of  police misconduct in Richmond:

  • The officer
  • Those in charge of the officer (supervisor, director, deputy chief, chief)
  • The government agency responsible for the officer (city, state, county, federal)
  • Third parties (in some situations)

Types of Police Misconduct Cases

There are a many different types of police misconduct cases. Some of the most common types of police misconduct are listed below:

  • False arrest
  • Police brutality
  • Sexual abuse
  • Using status for personal gain
  • Racial profiling
  • Extracting false confessions
  • Bribing lawmakers
  • Witness tampering
  • Police perjury
  • Drinking or using drugs while on duty

Obtaining Compensation for Your Richmond Police Misconduct Case

No matter what type of police misconduct case you have, the chances are you’ve suffered because of it. In cases where you’ve been physically harmed, you may have extensive hospital bills, you may have missed time from work, or you could be suffering physical pain and emotional trauma as a result of the abuse.

Whatever your losses, you deserve to be compensated for the suffering you’ve endured. A Richmond police misconduct attorney can help you secure compensation by proving your case and adding the following relevant damages to your police misconduct claim:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost work wages
  • Mental anguish and mental health treatment
  • Embarrassment/humiliation
  • Effects of this event on your life
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of life enjoyment

Get in Touch with a Richmond Police Misconduct Attorney

No one should ever be harmed, abused, or taken advantage of by those in power. There is really only one way to keep law enforcement officers in check. You must fight back when they’ve gone too far. Filing a claim is one of the only ways for your voice to be heard.

Get help with your case by hiring a Richmond law enforcement misconduct lawyer. At Halperin Law Center, we will do everything to protect your civil rights and see that you get the justice and compensation owed to you for this negative experience. Call 804-527-0100 or fill out the form below to reach our office.