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Richmond Drowning Negligence Lawyer

Losing a loved one in a drowning accident is a horrifying experience. If you believe someone’s negligence was responsible for the accidental drowning of your family member, contact a Richmond drowning accident attorney to discuss filing a wrongful death claim.

Little in the world is worse than losing a loved one. If your family member died in a drowning accident because of someone else’s negligence, you may have options for obtaining justice and compensation in Richmond. Filing a fatal accident claim for a drowning accident can be worth the effort, even though your claim can’t ever truly set things right.

Your claim can make the world safer for others by helping to prevent other people from being killed in a similar manner. You can receive justice for your loved one, and you can receive monetary compensation that can be used to honor your loved one’s memory.

Whoever was responsible for the death of your loved one should be held accountable for their actions. A Richmond drowning negligence lawyer from Halperin Law Center can help you to accomplish all of the above goals.

Who Could Be Liable for a Drowning Accident in Richmond

Drowning accidents happen all too often, but these types of horrendous accidents can be prevented with proper care. Sometimes people don’t think about others’ safety, and they can be held liable for their negligent actions. For example, if your neighbor didn’t properly secure their pool and their yard, they can be held accountable when someone drowns in their pool.

Other types of drowning accidents could be the fault of the government. For instance, if workers at a city pool do not follow proper safety procedures, the city can be held accountable for an accidental drowning. Your claim can help to make important changes to safety protocols, which can prevent more drowning accidents from happening.

A Richmond drowning negligence attorney can help you to figure out who is responsible for the drowning accident that killed your beloved family member and can work to hold that person legally responsible. Here are a few examples of who could be liable for drowning negligence in Richmond.

  • Property owners
  • City or county government agencies
  • School districts that sponsored field trips to swimming pools or beaches
  • Lifeguards or pool workers

  • Inattentive child supervisors

The Settlement Your Family Deserves for Drowning Negligence in Richmond, VA

Monetary compensation can’t ever make what happened to your family member acceptable, but it’s sometimes the only justice your lost family member will receive. The money from a wrongful death settlement can be used to pay for funeral and burial expenses, mental anguish and grief, and other losses your family has suffered.

Many people use a settlement to bring awareness to drowning and water safety. Your Richmond drowning death attorney will do everything possible to see that you and your family receive the settlement you deserve.

Contact a Drowning Accident Lawyer in Richmond, Virginia

To get in contact with a Richmond drowning negligence lawyer and start on a fatal accident claim, call Halperin Law Center at 804-527-0100. You can also send in the online form below to receive a free case consultation.