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Motorcycle wreck injuries are among the most serious of any vehicle crash injuries. You are likely in need of damages in order to move on with your life. Here to see that you receive maximum compensation is an attorney at Halperin Law Center. Call 804-527-0100, or reach out to us via the form on this page.

Richmond Motorcycle Accident FAQ

When you’ve been in an accident, you’re likely to be dealing with a stressful aftermath. Questions about your future are surely weighing heavily on your mind. Get some of those questions answered by reaching out to a motorcycle crash lawyer at Halperin Law Center. Below are a few FAQs to get your started.

How long do I have to file my motorcycle injury case in Richmond?

When filing a motorcycle crash claim in Richmond, VA, you have up to two years to submit. This time frame is referred to as the statute of limitations. When you don’t submit a claim within the mandated time frame, then you will lose your chance to file the claim and receive damages.

What could have caused my motorcycle crash?

Many different factors are known to lead to motorcycle crashes in Virginia, but there are some causes that are very closely linked to collisions involving two-wheeled vehicles. Speeding, intoxicated driving, and dangerous road conditions are some of the primary risk factors that contribute to collisions.

What’s the difference between economic losses and non-economic losses?

Economic losses are those that you’ve suffered that are directly tied to a monetary value—things like lost income, medical expenses, and the cost of rehabilitation services. Non-economic damages are the losses you’ve faced of an intangible nature, like the pain, suffering, and mental trauma the accident caused you.

Will the extent of my injuries affect my claim’s value?


Your injuries do affect your claim’s value, with more serious injuries equaling a higher monetary value. That’s because your medical expenses and suffering will be greater, you’ll likely need more time away from work, and you could have suffered permanent injury.