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How to Report Nursing Home Abuse

When your loved one is harmed in a nursing home, you may not know where to begin. You might be in disbelief something like this could happen in the first place. 

Sadly, there are many documented cases of physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse of nursing home residents by the staff that’s meant to protect them. 

Although it’s impossible to erase the pain that has been caused by this episode, you and your loved one can still get justice by reporting the abuse to the relevant authorities and taking other actions. Read more to find out how to report nursing home abuse in Virginia and what a Richmond personal injury lawyer can do to help.

How Do You Report Nursing Home Abuse in Virginia?

If you suspect abuse has occurred or is actively occurring, the top priority must be ensuring the immediate safety of your loved one in the nursing home. 

In the state of Virginia, the state’s department of health regulates all nursing homes. These are the authorities in charge of setting and maintaining standards in nursing homes across the state. They are also responsible for responding to complaints

If you suspect abuse has occurred, you can file a formal complaint with the Department of Social Services here

In an emergency situation, however, your first call should be to 911 to ensure your loved one is taken care of. 

Once a legal intervention has taken place, a nursing home abuse lawyer can help you determine if filing a lawsuit for civil damages is a possibility. Any evidence of abuse you’ve gathered, such as photographs or medical records, can be of use. 

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When a nursing home or its employees have caused your loved one harm, take action to ensure their safety. Then, find out if you can recover compensation in a civil suit by consulting a top-rated attorney from Halperin Law Center. 

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