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I Have Back Pain After a Slip-and-Fall—Can I Sue? 

A fall on your back could leave you pretty banged up. If you have back pain after a slip-and-fall and are wondering, “Can I sue?”, read on for some important information. 

Common Back Injuries After a Slip-And-Fall

A slip-and-fall can happen while shopping at a local grocery or even walking down an icy sidewalk. Although it’s common for people to downplay their injuries after such an event—it can feel embarrassing, after all—the potential for injury posed by a slip-and-fall is no laughing matter. Experiencing the following means you may have injured your back

  • Constant pain or sensitivity 
  • Stiffness in your back or difficult moving
  • Pain when standing up straight
  • Muscle spasms
  • Shooting pains down one or both of your legs

If you experience numbness, a loss of bowel control, or loss of movement in a limb, see your doctor as soon as possible. 

Suing for a Slip-And-Fall in Virginia

Slip-and-fall cases fall under the premises liability area of personal injury law. Filing a claim could allow you to receive a settlement for your damages, including medical bills, lost wages, or even pain and suffering. 

To win a lawsuit, you will have to prove that the property owner of wherever your accident took place acted negligently or failed to provide a sufficient warning of risk of injury, which can be difficult. Most slip-and-fall victims in Virginia benefit from consulting an experienced personal injury lawyer. 

Contact a Top-Rated Slip-And-Fall Lawyer in Richmond

If you’ve injured your back in a slip-and-fall accident in Richmond, Virginia, don’t let an insurance company dictate the terms of your settlement. The personal injury lawyers at Halperin Law Center could help you win the maximum settlement possible. 

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