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Things to Know About Insurance Companies

When you’re injured in an accident, one of your first thoughts may be, “Will my insurance company cover this?” You may have car insurance that you’ve paid into for years, and it may seem like it should come in handy then, right?

Sadly, that doesn’t mean the insurance company will be so helpful. There are a few things to know about insurance companies before you file a claim or accept a settlement offer. Luckily, the personal injury lawyers at Halperin Law Center can help you stay informed, so you can get the funds you need after a serious injury.

They’re For-Profit Businesses

Although we do pay into insurance companies regularly, these companies aren’t always on our sides. Keep in mind that insurers are for-profit businesses, which means profits are a top priority, not your recovery.

Instead of protecting you, they may be more focused on protecting the interests of their investors. That means the insurance adjuster may not offer a large settlement, even if your injuries require it. Sadly, that means many people pay thousands of dollars for their required insurance policy that may be refused when they’re in need.

They May Offer You a Low Settlement

When you’re dealing with the insurance company, you may struggle to get a fair settlement. The insurance company is trying to protect its interests and its investors, which means your settlement amount could be lowballed.

Worse, the adjuster may try to convince you your claim isn’t worth more, or they may use deceptive tactics such as delaying messages or refusing to offer a settlement. In these cases, the company may be acting in bad faith. You may need a Richmond, Virginia lawyer to take legal action against them when this happens.

The good news? Your Richmond injury lawyer has the tools you need in these cases. They can help you write a demand letter requesting a larger settlement if you’re not getting fair treatment.

You Can Talk to a Lawyer About Your Virginia Insurance Company

When you’re hurt, you may find yourself struggling to get a fair settlement from the insurance company. The adjuster may use unfair tactics to make getting compensated more difficult, which could leave you paying for your claim. The good news is, you don’t have to accept the insurance company’s actions or offers.

Instead of taking whatever the insurance company is willing to give you, you can talk to a lawyer at Halperin Law Center. They can share what you need to know about insurance companies, and they can help you take your claim to court if they still refuse to settle.

You can seek out a free consultation, too. Reach out to your attorney by calling 804-527-0100 or by completing the online contact form below.