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Richmond Spinal Injury Lawyer

A serious back injury can change your life forever. But you can get help obtaining the monetary compensation you deserve for a back injury by working with a Richmond spinal injury attorney at Halperin Law Center.

Spinal cord damage can devastate your life, leaving you with an injury that prevents you from working, causing great physical pain, and forcing you to miss out on activities you used to enjoy. If your spinal damage was caused by an accident you weren’t responsible for, you may be able to obtain compensation for your injury.

Back injuries can happen in a number of ways, such as vehicle wrecks, slip-and-falls, and accidents at work. As long as you didn’t cause your injury, you can seek damages for all of the losses and suffering you’ve experienced. You can get help filing an injury claim today by reaching out to a Richmond spinal injury lawyer at our firm.

Accidents That Lead to Serious Spinal Damage

Your spine can be injured because of another person’s negligence in a variety of ways. For example, if you are in a vehicle crash caused by a drunk driver, you could suffer a back injury. Another example is if you fall down a staircase because of a loose tile that a property owner knew about but failed to secure.

See below for some examples of accidents that commonly lead to serious back injuries in Richmond, Virginia:

How Can a Spinal Injury Impact Your Life?

After a serious injury, most people probably hope to reach full recovery, go back to work, and get on with their lives. But what about a permanent injury, such as many types of spinal injuries? If your spinal cord has been severed, your life may never be the same.

You could be paralyzed forever, and your mobility will be greatly limited. If you can’t get around, your job options will also be compromised; in some cases, you may be unable to ever work again. In addition, you will certainly need help, especially initially. You may need to hire a caregiver to help feed, clothe, and bathe you.

If you remain confined to a wheelchair, you may even need to make significant alterations to your home to accommodate a wheelchair.

Being paralyzed may also affect your mental health. You will certainly mourn the life you had, and this could lead to depression. You will then need to obtain mental health treatment to help you adjust to a new normal and get your life back on track.

This injury can also affect the lives of your family members. They will also need to assist you and make large accommodations for you. While they may say they’re happy to do it, it isn’t easy and they didn’t ask for this.

These are just a few of the ways a spinal injury could change everything for you. You didn’t ask to be seriously injured, and if someone else’s careless actions caused your entire life to be changed by a spinal injury, you deserve justice and fair compensation.

Protecting Your Financial Stability After a Spinal Injury in Richmond

As you can see, any number of accidents could have caused your spinal injury, and you could be dealing with significant life changes. As long as you weren’t to blame for the accident that harmed you, you can seek damages from the at-fault party. Spinal injuries will likely leave you with substantial losses.

For instance, if you are paralyzed, you may be unable to return to work. You will need compensation that can provide for your future.

Take a look at the types of damages your Richmond back injury lawyer can seek on your behalf:

  • Pain and suffering
  • All related medical bills
  • Missed work wages and future income
  • Permanent injury or disfigurement
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical therapy and mental health treatment costs
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Get in Touch with a Richmond Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal injuries can leave you with losses greater than the average injury, and you will need to obtain full compensation to give yourself a secure financial future. Filing and proving your injury claim is not easy, though. You’ll need to investigate your accident, gather evidence to prove fault, file claim paperwork, and deal with the other side.

A Richmond spinal injury lawyer can do the hard work for you. You can focus on your future while we focus on getting you compensated for all you’ve suffered. Contact Halperin Law Center to schedule your free claim evaluation. We can be reached via the form below or at 804-527-0100.