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Richmond Taxi Accident Lawyer

A reckless taxicab driver has caused you to be injured? Try holding the driver, and possibly the taxi service, responsible for your injuries and suffering by working with a Richmond taxi accident attorney at Halperin Law Center.

Taxi drivers provide a vital service in Richmond—transporting people from place to place. Most drivers are probably safe drivers, but there are always some who aren’t. Taxi companies are expected to perform background checks and screen their employees’ driving records.

If you were injured in an accident involving a taxi driver, you might be able to sue the driver or the taxi company. When negligence was a factor in your taxicab accident, you deserve to receive compensation and justice for what you’ve been through.

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of filing a claim or lawsuit? A Richmond taxi accident lawyer from our firm can help.

What Could Have Caused Your Richmond Taxi Collision?

Taxi drivers can get into accidents for a number of different reasons. It’s possible for the taxi driver to be the one to blame for the accident, but others could also be responsible for a taxi collision. For example, the taxi company might not have provided adequate training to the driver. Or what if the taxi driver crashed because of defective auto parts?

Many different things can cause a taxicab to crash, and your Richmond taxi collision attorney will help you figure out what happened in your particular accident. You need to know what happened so that you can prove fault and ideally receive the settlement you’re owed for your accident.

Below, here are a few common reasons that taxis crash in Richmond.

Winning the Settlement You Need for a Richmond Taxicab Crash

Why do people file auto injury claims? What’s the point? The reason most people file a claim is to receive a monetary payment for the accident. This is because they have probably already spent their own money on accident-related expenses.

The law in Virginia pertaining to negligence and auto wrecks asserts that those responsible for an accident can be made to pay the injured party’s damages. This is completely reasonable, because why should you have to pay for a taxi accident you didn’t cause? Your Richmond taxicab injury attorney can help you work to secure a settlement that accounts for all of your losses.

Consult with a Taxi Collision Attorney in Richmond, Virginia

Taxi companies are businesses, and sometimes businesses make mistakes. Whether it was the taxi driver’s fault or the taxi company that was behaving negligently, you probably want justice for what they put you through. You can fight for your right to compensation and justice by filing an injury claim in Richmond.

Tell a Richmond taxi accident lawyer at our firm about your case during a free case review. Halperin Law Center has top-rated attorneys who are willing to do everything they can to win you the settlement you’re after. Call 804-527-0100, or complete the online case review form below.