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Side Collision Car Accident Attorneys in Richmond

Side collision impacts occur when the side of the vehicle is struck by the front or rear of another motor vehicle. Side-impact accidents can cause severe, life-altering injuries to both the driver and the passengers riding inside the vehicle. If you or someone you love was injured in a side collision by a negligent driver, the legal team at Halperin Law Center can provide you with the legal solutions you need to move forward after facing a devastating injury from a car accident.

At Halperin Law Centerwe have dedicated our practice to helping injured victims like yourself recover compensation needed to pay medical expenses, physical therapy, loss of income and property damages incurred as a result of their accident.

Common Causes of Side-On Collisions

Side collisions (also known as “T-bone” accidents) are most likely to occur while in an intersection than while driving on the highway. This is because driving through intersections introduces several points of conflict or areas where two or more roads meet. Most side impact collisions are the caused the negligence of one driver. Below are common the causes of side collisions:

Common Injuries in Side Collisions

Auto accidents that result in side-impact collisions are extremely dangerous due the speed at which they occur and how little space there is between the passengers and the point of impact. When a car is struck in the rear or the front, the crumple zone absorbs most of the impact. While most new cars on the market offer side airbags, many drivers on the road are not protected by this feature. Common injuries associated with side-on collisions include:

Protecting the Rights of Injured Virginia Drivers

We at Halperin Law believe in the protecting the rights of those injured by negligence. We understand how frustrating it can be face life after a life-altering injury. You don’t have to face your injury claim alone. Let our skilled personal injury attorneys guide you through this turbulent time. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients with their personal injury claims, through compassionate, zealous representation our team of Richmond car accident attorneys can do whatever it takes to secure adequate compensation for your injuries.