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Richmond Single-Vehicle Accidents Attorney

The number of car accidents involving only one vehicle is not uncommon. These single vehicle accidents can carry some degree of complexity. Even if you were the only one involved in an accident, it does not mean that you are at fault. Single-vehicle accidents happen for many reasons; some of which are out of your control.

If you were hurt injured in this type of accident, our Richmond car accident attorney understands that you will have many questions about your case and will want to know what the next steps are. At Halperin Law Center, we can walk you through all of the legal processes behind the claims process and help you find financial recovery after an accident has disrupted your life.

What Typically Causes a Single-Vehicle Accident?

Single-vehicle accidents occur when the car collides with another object or property. The crash can involve any number of objects—from the guardrails and center dividers, to a tree, billboard, or a street light. Many times, single-vehicle accidents are not traced to driver error, but other outside factors. Because of this, it will take thorough investigation first from a seasoned team who understands how car accident cases occur.

Single-Vehicle Accidents Can Arise from Situations Such As:

  • Construction
  • Poor weather
  • Debris, bumps, or potholes
  • Improper maintenance on the roads
  • Defective or faulty auto parts
  • Sun glare on the windshield, obstructing the driver’s view
  • Slippery roads due to rain, ice, or snow

Your priority after an auto accident should be your health first and foremost. As Richmond car accident lawyers, our job is to handle all of the legal aspects and address any concerns you might have. You might have questions such as: Will my insurance cover my accident? Will the compensation amount be enough to cover the full costs? Will my rates go up? We make sure to investigate fully into each and every case to determine liability in your auto accident.

We Are With You Every Step of the Way

Halperin Law Center can help you with your injury claim for compensation. Whether it is due to defective auto products or poorly maintained roadways, our Richmond car accident attorneys are here to find a resolution. Because these cases do carry a certain degree of complexity, you should be putting your case in the hands of a team that has more than 25 years of legal experience and a substantial track record of success in resolving injury and car accident claims.