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Posted: May 26, 2018

Virginia Jail Death Review Board Not Releasing Information About Investigations or Findings

Virginia Jail Death Review Board Not Releasing Information About Investigations or Findings

In October, 2017, we published a blog discussing that the Virginia Board of Corrections (the newly created panel of citizens legally responsible for overseeing jail deal investigations in Virginia) had yet to begin any death investigations. As of late October, the Commonwealth had not yet hired an investigator, preventing the Board from performing any meaningful investigative work. 

Read more about the status of the Virginia Board of Corrections in our latest blog.


Posted: May 11, 2018

Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise by Isaac A. McBeth, Esq.

A recent article by the Washington Post found that pedestrian deaths have reached the highest level in 28 years. Find out why in our latest blog by Attorney Isaac McBeth.


Posted: May 03, 2018

Criminal and Civil Protections for Law Enforcement Officers

Should law enforcement officers be given special consideration not given to other members of the public before the law imposes criminal or civil liability on them?  Read our latest blog and tell us what you think!


Posted: April 26, 2018

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Additional Judicial Nominees

Today President Donald J. Trump announced his intent to nominate additional judicial nominees for federal court vacancies throughout the country. One such vacancy currently exists within the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (the “Fourth Circuit”), created by Judge Dennis W. Shedd assuming senior status on January 30, 2018.


Posted: April 02, 2018

HLC in the News - Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Victim of False Arrest in Caroline

A lawsuit recently filed by Attorneys Jonathan Halperin and Andrew Lucchetti on behalf of a wrongful arrest victim recently made news.   Click here for the full story from 


Posted: March 06, 2018

Virginia Considering Stricter Distracted Driving Laws

The Commonwealth of Virginia may soon join many other states in enacting stricter distracted driving laws relating to hand-held cellular phone use.


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