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Tuckahoe Personal Injury Lawyer

Damages pile up quickly when you’ve sustained a serious injury in an accident. Reach out to a Tuckahoe personal injury attorney at Halperin Law Center to get started on an injury claim right away.

The personal injury claims process can be difficult to navigate, but it’s a necessary undertaking if you hope to receive compensation for your accident and losses. Your accident has caused you to suffer emotionally and financially, and you deserve to be compensated for that suffering when you didn’t cause the accident.

A lot goes into winning an injury case: investigation, gathering evidence, recording medical injuries and expenses, documenting other losses, putting together a case, and negotiating fair compensation from an insurance company. Get ahold of a Tuckahoe personal injury lawyer who can help you navigate the process and come out on top.

Finding Fault and Proving Liability for a Tuckahoe Injury Case

One of the first steps in the injury claims process is figuring out who was responsible for your Tuckahoe accident. Sometimes you can start by first finding out what caused the accident, and then liability can be determined from there.

For instance, if you know that a tire blowout caused your accident, then you can figure out if the tire wasn’t properly inflated. Was a negligent mechanic to blame for your accident?

Many different things can cause an accident, and many different parties could be liable for your injuries and damages. Your Tuckahoe injury lawyer’s job is to prove fault and go after that party for payment of your damages.

Common Types of Tuckahoe Injury Accident Cases

Another way to determine liability is to look at the type of injury case you have. Some of the personal injury claims your Tuckahoe injury attorney handles on a regular basis are:

Fighting for Your Right to Monetary Compensation

Once your Tuckahoe injury lawyer identifies the person responsible for hurting you, they will file your claim with that party’s insurance company. You should be paid for all the losses you’ve been dealt, both the economic and non-economic kind.

Here are some of the damages you may be paid for when you win your injury case:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical care costs
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical therapy
  • Mental health treatment
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Permanent injury/scarring

Reach Out to a Tuckahoe Personal Injury Attorney

Filing injury claims can be difficult, but the entire process usually goes a lot more smoothly when you have an attorney on your team. You need the money that winning an injury claim can provide so that you can look toward the future. Medical bills by themselves can be enough to put you under financially for years.

Secure legal help with your injury claim by working with a Tuckahoe personal injury lawyer from Halperin Law Center. A free case evaluation is yours when you dial our office directly at 804-527-0100 or when you send in the case evaluation form you’ll find at the bottom of this page.