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Virginia Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Hurt in a bike accident and now the bills are piling up while you’re unable to work? Reach out to your bicycle accident lawyer in Virginia for information on how you could make a full financial recovery.  

Your bicycle may be your best option for traveling around your neighborhood or city. It’s eco-friendly, it’s a good form of exercise, and you can enjoy some fresh air. Unfortunately, many bicyclists have had difficulties on the road due to reckless and oblivious drivers. They were careless with your safety and injured you. 

Luckily, you have options for compensation after a Virginia bicycle crash. At the Halperin Law Center, we have the tools and experience you need to pursue rightful compensation. Reach out to a Virginia bicycle accident lawyer for help getting the maximum restitution for your injuries

Who’s Responsible for a Virginia Bicycle Accident? 

When you’re hurt in a bicycle accident, you need to know who should be held accountable for your injuries. You’ll need to file a claim against the party that’s financially liable for your injuries. But how do you know who’s responsible for your injuries? 

Your Virginia bicycle accident attorney will help you take the first steps to identify the at-fault party and also determine what caused your accident. For example, you may have been in the bicycle lane, but someone swerved or opened their door into your lane, knocking you off your bicycle and injuring you. 

But it’s not always another driver’s fault. You may have wiped out due to a road defect, for example, a pothole or broken cement. It’s the responsibility of the Virginia Department of Transportation to keep all roads safe for travel. 

Compensation for Virginia Bicycle Accident Victims

When you’ve been injured in a serious bicycle accident, you also need to know what your compensation is worth. Compensation, or damages, should include all your losses caused by the accident. These damages, both financial and otherwise, should be counted before you begin your pursuit. But how do you calculate these losses? 

While it may be easy to add up your bills, you may not have the tools to quantify your intangible losses. These non-economic damages are usually calculated based on the impact your suffering has on your life. You may need the specific tools a bicycle accident lawyer will provide. 

Below is just a sample of the damages you may be due for your accident: 

  • Hospital bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Mental anguish

Connect with a Virginia Bicycle Accident Attorney 

When you’re hurt in a serious bicycle accident, you may be due compensation for your losses. But the at-fault party may try to shift blame away from themselves, hoping to elevate themselves from any financial responsibility. 

Luckily, the lawyers at the Halperin Law Center are here to help. Your Virginia bicycle accident lawyer will help you gather evidence, identify the at-fault party, and aggressively pursue rightful compensation for your injuries and the entirety of your losses. To get started, reach out for a free consultation by calling 804-527-0100 or by filling out the online contact form below.