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Virginia Civil Rights Lawyer

All American citizens—Virginians to be included—have certain unalienable rights and legal protections afforded to them by the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and subsequent legislation, such as the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

Although these documents and statutes are in place to guarantee our freedoms, there are times when other actors may still wrongfully obstruct these rights, or deprive you of them entirely. 

When another party violates your civil rights, you can suffer important material or immaterial damages that impact your standard of life. Fortunately, if your rights have been eroded, you can team up with a powerful advocate—a local lawyer with Halperin Law Center

Violations of Civil Rights: The Basics

The rights and protections afforded to you are numerous, so it should be no surprise to anyone that they can also be violated in many different ways. 

Civil rights are the basic liberties that all Americans enjoy. One great example is the First Amendment, which guarantees the right to:

  • Petition the government for a redress of grievances
  • Express yourself freely
  • Lawfully assemble
  • Function as a member of the press corps, and
  • Practice your own religion as you see fit

Protections that stem from legislation enacted in the twentieth century safeguard the rights of certain protected classes, such as the protection of minorities from discrimination. These laws provide the legal backdrop to initiatives like fair housing, discrimination-free workplaces, and equal opportunities in American colleges and universities. 

Some concrete examples of ways that your civil rights and liberties can be violated include:

  • Facing discrimination in the workplace or during the hiring process for your race, religion, sexual orientation, or a disability
  • Government or police misconduct, such as when arresting officers fail to read you your rights or are guilty of police brutality
  • Being barred from living in a certain place based on nothing more than your race or similar factors
  • Being harassed by a colleague or peer

Facing discrimination, physical threats or violence, or harassment from another party can be extraordinarily difficult to face alone. The good news is that the experienced attorneys with Halperin Law Center can help you fight for justice and fair compensation. 

Compensatory Damages in Civil Rights Cases

A violation of your civil rights can impact you in many ways, both materially and immaterially. For example, having your right rights violated during the hiring process can deprive you of economic means that otherwise would have been accessible to you. 

For that reason, one of the types of damages you can recover in a civil lawsuit is related to lost income and loss of future earning potential. Some other examples include:

Have your civil rights been violated? Contact an attorney to learn how you can maximize the value of your potential compensation.

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When someone else deprives you of your fundamental rights through their actions, a Virginia civil rights lawyer with Halperin Law Center can help you fight back. 

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