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Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

When someone’s pet harms you, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Your dog bite lawyer in Virginia will help you seek compensation that covers your losses following an attack. 

Dogs are some of the most popular pets, and chances are good you may see several in your neighborhood, apartment complex, or town daily. But that doesn’t mean those dogs are always safe to be around. You may have discovered that firsthand after a dog bits you. 

At the Halperin Law Center, we know it can be difficult to get compensated for your injuries after a dog attack. But with a Virginia dog bite lawyer on your side, you have an opportunity to get the compensation you deserve to make a full recovery following your loss. 

Common Dog Bite Injuries 

Dog bites can be severe, and in some cases, fatal. Even if your injury doesn’t seem serious, you may find yourself in need of treatment. 

That’s because dog bites are often deep puncture wounds. That makes it easy for infection to set in. Worse, dogs can carry rabies, a deadly virus with no cure. If a dog has bitten you and the owner can’t confirm the dog is up to date on rabies shots, you may need immediate treatment to prevent you from contracting the viral disease. 

Who’s Responsible for a Virginia Dog Bite? 

Treatment for a dog bite is often expensive and painful, which is why you need to know who’s responsible for your injuries. In Virginia, dog owners who should have known the dog was dangerous can be held liable for your injuries. For example, if the dog has previously bitten or attacked other people or animals, the owner is financially responsible for the injuries their dog causes.

But identifying the financially liable party may be more complicated. For example, the Virginia dog owner could be a minor who can’t stand trial because of their age. In these situations, your dog bite lawyer would help you hold their parent or guardian responsible for the injuries. 

Compensation for Virginia Dog Bite Victims

Dog bites are no laughing matter. You may have suffered severe injuries because of the dog in question, and you may be due compensation for those losses. The compensation, or damages, need to cover all your losses caused by the dog bite. Which means covering more than just your financial loss. These damages also need to cover your emotional and mental trauma following the attack. 

Seeking compensation? Your dog bite lawyer in Virginia will help you understand the full value of your claim and pursue damages that reflect the full scope of your losses, which may include the following: 

Call a Virginia Dog Attack Lawyer 

When you’re hurt by someone’s dog, you may be eligible for restitution. However, it can be difficult to build a successful claim without help from a Virginia dog bite lawyer. Luckily, the lawyers at the Halperin Law Center will work diligently to win you a fair settlement or jury award. 

If you’ve been hurt by a dog and need compensation, reach out for help by calling 804-527-0100 or by completing the online contact form below.